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What is the Second Law?

    The Second Law of Thermodynamics is a fundamental law of physics. Every action, every transaction whatever, involves the expenditure of energy; invloves the movement of energy available for work into
    the pool of entropy or energy no longer available for work. The law can be stated: Once something is
    used it is thereafter less useful. Things seek a lower energy state, e.g., water runs downhill. Some call
    the Second Law the Arrow of Time. Einstein referred to Gravity and the Second Law as the two basic

Jim Berry

    We believe it is necessary for humans to use earthstuff sparingly; to make things last; to consume as little as possible; to recycle; to preserve forests and wilderness; to protect animals; to live softly on the earth; to love simply. In a very real sense The Second Law of Thermodynamics is another commandment: Thous Shalt Love the Earth.

What is the Center for Reflection
on the Second Law?

Jim Berry
    The Center was the creation of Jim Berry.

    "With my brother's encouragement (Thomas Berry),
    I am setting up a center for reflection on the subject of the
    earth and Second Law intended to support a way of thinking
    about man and the earth, about man as the earth in its
    conscious phase, and about the earth as progenitor of life,
    primary teacher, lawgiver, healer, source of joy and beauty, primary theologian and interpreter of God. When one sees
    himself in proper relation to the earth he knows why he suffers when a bird suffers, why he is wounded when a fish is poisoned, why he knows instinctively that he shares a unity
    with everyone and everything."
    The CFRSL existed for more than seventeen years. A letter
    was issued every month from March 1980 through June 1998. These letters comment on the relationship between the human and the earth. Jim Berry died September 7, 1997. This website contains pdf and MS Word versions of the 181 circulars published by the CFRSL. We hope you will enjoy and share the
    contents of these documents.