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June 1998

  • June 1998 _
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    Letter from a Granddaughter

    It has been a long cold sad winter and a long time since a circular has gone out. A lot has happened since then, and I am sorry that it has taken until now to write again. I am Acasia Berry, the eldest granddaughter of Jim and Mary Berry.

    As many of you already know, James Fant Berry died on September 7, 1997. He was taken peacefully by a massive stroke. His wife Mary recounted that as she realized something was wrong, he held out his hand to her and looked her in the eye with a smile on his face. His immediate family and friends gathered to be with him in his final days. Many of you probably do not know that Mary went to join Jim in the great mystery of death on the 25th of January. She learned shortly after Jim's death that she was in the final stages of cancer. Our family came together once again, and Mary peacefully left us on a Sunday morning while listening to Mozart's Requiem Mass. The Berry family, I myself, and the board of the Center for Reflection have had to find our own way while mourning our loss and celebrating lives well lived.

    At the time of his death, Jim was preparing for the Fall conference. The board had been working closely with him on many of the preparations, so when the unexpected happened, board members made sure the conference went on as scheduled and was a success. Jim was sorely missed but his presence was strong. He would have been very proud.

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